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Top 101 Projects

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Top 101 Projects


Have you learned HTML, CSS and JavaScript ?

But still can't you use them in your projects ?

Solve your problem by Top 101 Projects !!!

Lear how to make projects.

Why do you need this book ?

✨ There are a total of 101 projects done for you.

✨ These projects range from small bits to big projects.

✨ As frontend projects, these teach you very cool and awesome animation.

✨ When you apply for jobs, you have a lot of projects to display, ultimately making things twice easier for you.

A small glimpse of example projects are

🌟 Drawing place

🌟 Cool circle menu

🌟 Unique design animations

🌟 3D book

🌟 Scroll indicator

🌟 3D carousel

🌟 Create QR code


Our 12$ "Creative Portfolios" project is gift to you !!!

Again 5 Websites.

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